Sorrow (Ending Credits) is a piece of music composed for Resident Evil 4. It appears in the biohazard4 Original Soundtrack as track 11 of the "Aggressive Side" disc.[1] It also appeared in the Biohazard 4 Best Track Collection.

Music informationEdit

Sorrow (Ending Credits) was composed around the existing credits, a collection of illustrations created for the tie-in Biohazard 4 Incubate book. As the book details the story of the villagers' transition into Ganados, the score also reflects that. The composition is separated into three movements: "Village when it was peaceful"; "Saddler's erosion", and "Sorrow for the Ganados".[excerpt 1]

In-game usageEdit

Sorrow (Ending Credits) only plays during the credits at the end of the Final Chapter.



  1. Excerpt from Soundtrack Book:
    "最初に訪れた村の人々がどのような経緯でガナードになってしまったかを描いています。 「平和だった頃の村」 「サドラーの侵食」 「ガナードだちの悲しみ」 という3部構成で、 苦労したのが3曲目でした。 ものすごい数のボツを出しOKが出たときは久々に涙目に (笑)。しかし、 こんな暗いスタッフロールって他にあるでしょうか?"
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