South America is Calling was a Capcom development blog published 11 September 2009. It is the twenty-first in a series of some twenty-three blogs detailing the development of the game.[1]


Today, I'm finally able to talk about a new episode in Darkside Chronicles that was recently announced.

The year is 2002, before the destruction of the Russian branch of Umbrella. Leon Kennedy is sent to a small South American country as part of a secret military detachment. Due to the difficult nature of the operation, Jack Krauser, a seasoned operative with a history of brave service, was selected to be Leon's partner.

This new episode inherits RE2 and Code: Veronica's “inner darkness”. This story was also created as an original battle story different from what we saw in Umbrella Chronicles.

One thing that's really important for a retail game is a sense of consistency and wholeness. Umbrella Chronicles told the story of the rise and fall of the Umbrella Corporation. If Darkside Chronicles was simply re-envisioning a few scenes from RE2 and Code: Veronica, it wouldn't feel like a complete game. The Producer Masachika Kawata, felt the same way. When this original episode was created, the game really started to come into its own. It's not just as a sequel to Umbrella Chronicles; it also works as a standalone experience.

One of my favorite RE characters is in this episode, Jack Krauser.

I always thought he left a strong impression in RE4. Leon arrives in a remote European village looking for the President's kidnapped daughter, and who does he find behind the plot? None other than Krauser.

There are hints in RE4 that point to Leon and Krauser having a past together. Krauser's history with Leon and his thirst for ultimate power made him a very dark and cool character.

I wanted to create that story of what happened when Leon met Krauser.

When I was thinking about the story, I wasn't planning out what would happen logically; rather I relied more on intuition and flash ideas for inspiration. I thought of a number of scenarios which could be interesting and imagined Leon and Krauser in them. After doing some research, and working through a lot of different material, I decided that South America would be the perfect setting for the story.

Hidekazu Gondo was also a big help with Krauser on this project. He was in charge of the RE4 cinematics, and his ideas really helped to flesh out the story. Also as the story developed, a lot of my original ideas had to be changed, but thanks to him I was able to keep the theme I was looking for which I am quite thankful for. I believe the story is really deep and interesting.

Darkside Chronicles will be playable on the TGS show room floor. TGS will be where we officially present the South American stage as well. I'm very confident because I know this game is even better than the first Chronicles. If you are at the show, please stop by the booth and check the game out.

I'm sure you will enjoy the bright South American sunlight, and the equally dark shadows that are created. Don't miss this chance to check out Darkside Chronicles!

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