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"A handmade spear with a kitchen knife attached at the end"
— Item description

A Spear is a hand-made weapon created by taping a Butcher Knife to the end of a Wooden Pole or Long Pole. It can be created by David King. (A successful creation consumes 1 tape inside David's Tool Belt)

The Spear is a powerful pole-arm, having the ability of knocking down zombies or even killing them in a single hit. However, it is a slow weapon, so it should only be used when facing a single zombie.

Further notesEdit

  • The Spear will do extra damage to the Zombie Lion, Giant Leech, Suspended and the Zombie Lion boss.
  • The Spear will only last 10 uses on any difficulty setting. Then it breaks off into a Wooden Pole
  • It is a thrusting weapon, meaning it's attacks are slower than swinging weapons like Iron Pipes. However it's thrusts will not accidentally hit walls, cancelling the attack.

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