"Although small in size, it appears to have some value."
— Item examination

The Spinel is a very common jewel found many times throughout Resident Evil 4 in the village and the castle. It is not found on the Island. It can be sold 2,000₧.

Main game locationsEdit

Chapter 1 Edit

Chapter Room Description
Chapter 1-1 Footpath to the village Held by a Crow at the start of the game.
Village center On the roof of the large house.
Farm Inside a cabinet in the large barn.
Farm Inside the box next to the large locked door.
Deserted village 2 on the tunnel wall.
Deserted village In the booby-trapped shed.
Chapter 1-2 Factory ruins Hidden within an oven.
Chapter 1-3 Village chief's house In a birds nest on a tree branch.
Cave In a lantern at the back room of the house.
Cave 2 in the chamber of the cave after shooting the lantern.
Quarry In the first hut.
Quarry On a cart filled with rocks.
Wetlands On the cliff side after avoiding the boulder.

Chapter 2Edit

Chapter Room Description
Chapter 2-1 Arms merchant's hideout Dropped from the torch above

the right side of the platform

Waterfall Stuck on the cliff after rappelling
Waterway B In the torch by the door
Quarry In the first hut
Quarry In the third hut
Chapter 2-2 Cemetery In first bird nest on path to cave
Cave Found in the lantern of the back room of the house, respawned in obtained in 1-3
Village Center Within the tower
Chapter 2-3 Road below the cliff In first shed
Road below the cliff In second shed
Road below the cliff Also in second shed
Slaughterhouse Inside red barrel, only obtainable by destroying the barrel

Chapter 3Edit

Chapter Room Description
Chapter 3-1 Castle entrance In a barrel
Castle wall Inside the structure destroyed by the catapults
Castle wall
Before castle gate, proper
Temple Stuck in the eye of one statue
Chapter 3-2 Underground waterway
Castle parlour On a shelf
Western castle wall
Garden Not present on Easy.
Chapter 3-3 In the bedroom near the maze
Western castle wall
Gallery (tentative) In the hallway with the merchant
Chapter 3-4 Concourse
Study On the left of where you start
In the second room
In the room with the secret passage
Storeroom Near the Armadura

Chapter 4Edit

Chapter Room Description
Chapter 4-1 Castle gondola A At the end of the first cart ride
Castle gondola B Before the second cart ride
Lobby On a statue
In the east room - may not appear on Easy.
Weapon exhibition room
Outside the clocktower In a torch
On the head of a statue near the Garradores

Old aqueduct A

In the first section
Chapter 4-2 Area before the mine Near the merchant
Chapter 4-3 Old castle ruins
Underground ruins
Chapter 4-4 Cathedral In the top-left area
Pier (tentative) With the merchant before the dock

Separate WaysEdit

Chapter 1Edit



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