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The Square-shaped crank makes appearance in titles where a Hexagonal Crank also exists.

Resident Evil

"The end is square-shaped."

This crank can be found in the small garden shed before the courtyard by pushing the steps up to the high shelf to grab it. It is used it in the courtyard to drain the water out of the pool.


"The end is shaped like a square."

In the remake, the crank is instead found at the back of Lisa Trevor's cabin at the end of a small hallway. It has the same use as it did in the original game, and also triggers Lisa's entry into the building and the brief boss fight that follows.

Resident Evil 2

Square Crank

The Square Crank in RE 2

"The end is square-shaped."

The square crank is present in three different locations depending on the character and scenario being played. For Claire B the crank can be recovered from the dog kennels in the Raccoon City Police Department's basement; Leon B's game has the crank in the taxidermy room near Chief Irons' office. Both "A" games have the crank hidden on top of a shelf in the file storage room on the west wing of the building.

It's used in the third floor of the RPD to lower the stairs in the Cog Room. It disappears from the inventory after using.

Resident Evil 3


A square

backdoor storage

This crank can be found in the alley near the Sales office in uptown. It can be used near the Bar Jack's backdoor to open a storage shutter and reveal three packs of Grenade Rounds (explosive). Therefore, this item is very valuable on hard mode, but it's not necessary to obtain or use it to complete the game. It disappears from the inventory after using.

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