Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"Are you... Yoko? I'm surprised. Didn't think you'd come back... Come for the test subject sample? I hear Monica's also after the sample but we both know it's out of her league. That sample is Dr. Birkin's masterpiece, you know. Sometimes keeping your hands to yourself is a good rule to live by. Take this with you. I don't... need it... anymore..."
— Staffer B, giving Yoko his Magnum

"Staffer B" was an Umbrella staff member assigned to the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory in 1998. He was found resting in the B5F Area B Passage by a group of civilians who had intruded into the facility in September.

Further notes

  • Staffer B is unconscious to all players except for Yoko Suzuki, whom he recognises. He will hand over Yoko a Magnum Handgun.
  • If Staffer B is met by someone other than Yoko, he will say: "A civilian? Why would they be in a place like this? You'd better go now. Unless... you wanna be... like... me...". Subsequent examines will read as "No answer. He seems to have passed out..."