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RE4 Mercs stage 1 select

Stage 1 (ステージ1?) is a stage in The Mercenaries minigame in Resident Evil 4.

Map layoutEdit

This stage is based on the Village centre. The barn is now open, there is a window in locked back room of one of the houses, the second small barn is open, and there is a path that leads behind the church.

RE4 Stage 1

RE4 Stage 1

Created by Danskyl7ultimate NemesisCreated by Danskyl7ultimate Nemesis


There are two enemy types in this stage - the standard Villager Ganados and the Chainsaw Sister bosses.[1] The former is worth 300 points each, while the latter, 5,000 each.[2]

There are five time bonuses on this Stage, shown on the map above. The three +90s and two +30s total to 5 minutes and 30 seconds of bonus time.[1]

Getting a 4-Star rank on this stage will unlock Ada Wong for the minigame.[citation needed]



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