The Statue Corridor is an area of the Spencer Mansion 2F and 3F that is only featured in the Remake version of Resident Evil.


There are suits of armor statues holding a shield with an inscription on it throughout the corridor. An indentation is built on the floor at the midway of the corridor. The corridor itself is brightened up by hanging lamps on the ceiling.


In order to retrieve the Armor Key, the player must take it and then quickly replace it with the Imitation of a Key. Failing to do so will result in Chris or Jill being killed by the statue's spinning death blades. If the player does not have the Imitation of a Key, then they must place the original Armor Key back in the indentation.


Location Localization Original script
The armour at the bottom of the stairs There's an inscription on the shield: "Death is only the beginning"
The armour at the top of the stairs There's an inscription on the shield: "Death is the true essense of bliss"
A raised flooring "May whoever takes this emblem find peace in death"
The armour after the emblem There's an inscription on the shield: "Death is everything"
The door to the Library (Without the key) It's locked. An emblem of a helmet is carved into the lock.
The raised flooring (After obtaining the Armor key) There's no need to take this anymore.
The door to the Large Library (With the Key) You used the Helmet Key.