Steel Beast is a stage for Resident Evil 6's Mercenaries minigame. It is known in the Japanese version as Edonia - viaduct (イドニア 高架橋 idonia-kō kakyō?).

Map layout

Steel Beast is based on the bridge encountered in Chris Chapter 2.


Enemies list

The following scores are attributed to the BIOHAZARD 6 Official Complete Guide.[1]

Enemy Score
J'avo 300
Glava-Smech 500
Ruka-Srp 500
Ruka-Bedem 500
Noga-Let 500
Noga-Skakanje 500
Telo-Eksplozija 500
Napad (boss) 1500
Gnazdo (boss) 3000



  1. Official Complete Guide, 354.

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