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Stephani Danelle Perry (credited as S.D. Perry in her works) is a novelist living in Portland, Oregon. She is the daughter of writer Steve Perry.



  • 1993, The Female War - The third of the novel series; co-written with her father Steve Perry. ISBN 0-553-56159-6.
  • 1996, Labyrinth - The sixth of the series; very graphic original novel set in a Xenomorph nest. ISBN 0-553-57491-4.
  • 1998, Berserker - The ninth of the series; an original novel set in the world of Alien. ISBN 0-553-57731-X.
  • 2008, Criminal enterprise - The fifth of a new series by Dark horse. ISBN 978-1-59582-003-7.

Aliens vs. PredatorEdit

Resident EvilEdit

A German translation of RE book 4: Underworld, titled "Resident Evil 04 Das Tor zur Unterwelt." ISBN 389748692X has also been published with a different cover than the US edition.

Star Trek: Deep Space NineEdit

Star Trek : Section 31 written by the author:

Miscellaneous worksEdit

Perry also wrote the novelization of the movie Timecop in 1994, and the novelization of the movie Virus in 1998.


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