Steve's Shadow was a Capcom staff blog published 19 June 2009. It is the ninth in a series of some twenty-three blogs detailing the development of the game.[1]


If you're talking about Code:Veronica, you can't forget about Steve.
I mean, when most people think of Code: Veronica, they think of Steve, right!?

Just like Claire, Steve too had been caught and imprisoned on Rockfort Island. The two of them work together to plan their escape from the island following a biohazard emergency. Steve a brand new character for Code: Veronica, together with Claire, must fight his way out of this insane world.

What really stands out about Steve is his youth. He's younger than Claire, and she sees him kind of like a little brother. With his slender build, red haired, thin face, Steve is one of the more attractive men in the Resident Evil universe. Perhaps because of his young age, Steve was well received by women; at the time of Code: Veronica, he was quite popular.

His wannabe delinquent disposition was a departure from other characters.
“Wannabe” is the key word here. Steve is actually a pure-of-heart, straight-shooting individual who wears an exterior that belies that truth.
The relationship between Steve and Claire often breaks down to a typical big-sis versus snotty younger brother situation that I remember made me grin more than a few times.
The combination of Steve's slightly awkward manner, and desire to look cool, contrasted against Claire's rough-and-tumble beauty inevitably makes for an interesting drama between the sexes.

The feelings Steve has for this beautiful woman he has met through sheer chance are painfully obvious. No matter how critical the situation may be, men are creatures that have a natural response to women. Steve's self consciousness about his age and the clash between his natural impulses is something that we all have experienced. Though he is still quite wet behind the ears, he is interesting to watch from the point of view of an outsider.

For this game we had Shigechiyo handle Steve's redesign as well


Talking Evil - Steve's Shadow

Steve will be given a more modern makeover, without tarnishing his original look. In addition to some extra “wild” touches, we are incorporating minute details that make him a more realistic looking prisoner. There was also the question of what Umbrella's original purpose was for having this facility. This time around, to a certain degree we try to convey a sense that the prisoners are being supervised.

One more thing that makes Steve hard to forget is that he carries with him some baggage; a shadowy secret in his past, a dark side, related to why he was imprisoned on that island. At first he tries to hide its very existence, but little by little it comes to light. We learn that this dark side actually stems from Steve's relationship with his father. Shadows are a product of light, and light cannot be completely separated from darkness. So in keeping with the “Darkside” theme, this is a tale of shadows and family.

What is Steve's fate? Will he be able to escape his dark past?

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