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The Store area is located on the crossing of the Fisson Street and the Jack Street. After passing the warehouse and entering this place, Jill Valentine finds herself in the ruined area cutted off from the whole street by huge barricades from the one side and blocked by Patrol Car "125" from the other. Zombies are the only foes, wandering around that area. Most of them will be inactive for a while when Jill first time passing their bodies. There's an exploiding barrel near the inidentified patrol car, so all monsters can be gathered and killed by a single shot. If the player re-enter this area from the backdoor of Bar Jack or by the northwest exit from the basemente area, she'll see a young woman chased by a group of zombies . She will run away to the warehouse direction, but the death awaits her in the Passage to Warehouse.

Also, in order to achieve Gun Powder B from the Patrol Car 125, Jill must to lure out the zombie in it. That happens, if she runs over the car few times.

After returning to that area, when R.P.D. was explored, that place changes it's view, because of night falls to the city.

This area will also be venture in the Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal either it can be access from Backdoor to Bar Jack or Basement area, where three hunter are present as the enemies encounter here.


Location Localization Original Script
Boarded path The entrance has been boarded up.
Cases nearby the door toward the basement area Nothing unusual.
Barricade on the street A strong barricade has been set up here.
Crashed police car on the street A wrecked car is blocking the way.
Door toward the back alley of Bar Black Jack It's locked from the other side.
Closed shop The shutter is down.
The barricade nearby the back of the basement area A tough-looking barricade.


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