Struggle for Survival (AC-012) is an Action card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It is a special Action card, used only Versus mode, and like Back to Back (AC-008) is a defensive card.


Struggle for Survival is a defensive card discarded from the hand to reduce damage from the weapons of opposing players in Versus Mode. This makes it very similar to Back to Back, except for its effect. Its text effect states that it reduces the damage of one weapon to 0, if its Gold Cost is 40 or less. This makes it somehwat more effective than the other card while still retaining its additional +1 Action symbol effect. Its second symbol effect grants the player +1 Explore, making it unique. It is the only non-character or weapon card that grants an additional Explore.

The artwork on the card is taken from the cover art of remake, which depicts Jill Valentine being attacked by the first zombie encountered in the Spencer Mansion.


  • Weapons with a Gold Cost of 40 or less include Handguns, Knives, Shotguns, Machine Guns from both sets, and Grenades. All of these weapons are rendered useless, making this card a good counter strategy to characters such as Leon S. Kennedy,Jack Krauser, and the first Jill Valentine card.
  • It renders the Action Card Deadly Aim (AC-002) useless if its used with the above weapons.
  • The extra Explore comes in handy and can easily be stacked with additional Struggle for Survival cards, making this card a potent combination with the Automatic Shotgun or Triple-Barreled Shotgun, which get multiple Explores. Addittionally, this makes it come in handy for players using Chris Redfield, who gets +5 Damage for every Infected he's fighting.