Stuart's Memo - Chris Redfield is a secret file in Resident Evil Revelations 2. It costs BP to obtain after unlocking it for purchase through in-game medals.


Chris Redfield is the older brother of candidate no. 02, Claire Redfield. He's been at the center of a number of bioterrorist incidents, and more recently is known as the man who killed Albert Wesker.

Chris is a member of the Bioterror Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). He's one of the "Original Eleven," the name given to the organization's founding members. In 2009 he and the BSAA were a major part of the suppression efforts to contain the bioterror threat in Kijuju, Africa. Here he had a confrontation with Albert Wesker, killing him during the engagement.

Currently he's been spending most of his time at the BSAA North American branch, serving as a team leader to mentor new recruits.

クリス·レッドフィールドは、候補なしの兄です。 02、クレア·レッドフィールド。彼はバイオテロ事件の数の中心になっていて、より最近アルバート·ウェスカーを殺した男として知られています。

クリスはバイオテロセキュリティ評価·アライアンス(BSAA)のメンバーです。彼は組織の創立メンバーに与えられた「オリジナルイレブン、「名前の一つです。 2009年に彼とBSAAはKijuju、アフリカのバイオテロの脅威が含まれるように抑制努力の主要な一部でした。ここで彼は婚約中に彼を殺し、アルバート·ウェスカーとの対決がありました。


Chris Redfield is not a candidate, he is the older brother of 02, Claire Redfield. He has played a key role in a number of bioterrorism cases and is known as the man who recently killed Albert Wesker.

Chris is a member of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). He is one of the organization's founding members known as the "Original Eleven." In 2009, he and the BSAA were a vital part in the containment efforts of the bioterrorism threat in Kijuju, Africa. Here, he encountered Albert Wesker and killed him during an engagement.

He now spends most of his time in the BSAA North America Branch as a team leader instructing new personnel.


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