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Stuart's Memo - Natalia Korda is a file in Resident Evil Revelations 2.



We have finally found the Master's vessel--candidate No. 9, Natalia Korda. This small, frail little girl will be the key to the Master's future.

Out of curiosity I asked Mr. Fisher for more information on her background.

Natalia is a survivor of the Terragrigia Panic that occurred in 2004. She lost her entire family in the incident. She was rescued by Terra Save, and has lived at one of their facilities ever since.

She was carefully questioned by Terra Save about the incident. There was one answer in particular that was surprising: in regards to the ultraviolet radiation that was used to ultimately destroy the city, Natalia described it as "pretty." The interviewers were surprised that she could find beauty despite being surrounded by death as her home sank to the bottom of the sea.

Mr. Fisher took this response, and combined with her other answers, concluded that Natalia had overcome the emotion of fear. Having observed her during these trials I can agree with his assessment. She willingly walks into life-threatening situations and shows no signs of apprehension or fear. I can theorize that what she experienced in Terragrigia gravely traumatized her, and robbed her of the ability to feel fear.

This little girl is very emotionally strong, which suits the Master's needs. I have concerns, however, that she is too strong.

There is no doubt about her suitability to become the Master's new vessel. But with this strength of conviction, would she be able to repress the Master's psyche from overwriting her own, even after the transfer has been completed?

But I am just a humble servant. Surely the Master has already taken this into consideration. As of now all of the Master's plans have proceeded flawlessly. I have no doubt that this plan will also succeed without incident.

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.


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