The Stuffed deer room (鹿の剥製の間/鹿の剥製の部屋 Shika no hakusei no ma/Shika no hakusei no heya?)[1][2] is an area of the 2F Spencer Mansion.


It is a small room that is brightened up by the lights of the ceiling. The room mainly connects the east staircase to the bedroom and Researcher's private room. There is a stuffed deer head mounted on the wall, facing against the door entry. The entire floor had been covered by the large carpet.

In the 2002 remake, ornate wallpaper lines the walls. The walls also have a brown wooden midsection. One small picture hang straight on the wall while the other hangs slanted underneath. There is a third picture laying on the ground with broken glass next to the bedroom door. The deer's right antler also now has a cobweb hanging from it



Player can use the Armor Key to enter this room. In either Chris or Jill's scenario, player will face one zombie that is located below the stuffed deer.


In Chris's scenario, player must use the Old Key to enter the Researcher's private room.

In Jill's scenario, player can use the Lockpick to enter the Researcher's private room.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
The door to the Researcher's private room (Without the old key)

It's locked. It's an old fashion lock that's rather simple in mechanism.

The door to the Researcher's private room (As Jill) You have used the Lock Pick.
The scratch on the wall There's a large scratch in this wall. It doesn't look like the work of those rotting freaks.






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