The Stun Rod is a Weapon card found in the "Outbreak" expansion deck to Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game.


It is the second Resident Evil DBG expansion, Outbreak. It is the second Melee weapon in the game alongside Submission (WE-003). Its use is similar to the Knife, as it requires 0 Ammo and only deals 10 Damage by itself. However, it does have an effect with several uses. Automatically, the player is given +1 Explore, giving it the same feel as Shotgun weapon cards such as the Pump-Action Shotgun. The second part pf the effect comes into play if the player is fighting 2 or more Infected. If one of the Infected has 20 or less Health the player can "stun" it by sending it back to the top of the Mansion Area deck. The Stun Rod has a Gold Cost of 30.


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