Submarine (潜水艦 Sensuikan?) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6. It can be found in Ada Chapter 1.


Ada Wong sneaks onto a submarine in order to find out what Derek Simmons is planning. When she gets there, she finds that the security systems respond to her fingerprints and voice, and there is information on her that no one should have.

Throughout the submarine, Derek's hand can be seen in it all, from the room decor to the layout itself. It is a mystery as to who built this submarine and for what purpose.

However, a letter was found that sheds some light on the mystery.



The Family's army grows stronger every day, and I've found myself overwhelmed with it. That is why I am giving you full control over our East Asian soldiers and this submarine as a present. Use them as you wish; I hope that they serve you well. All I ask in thanks is your continued loyal service to me.



ファミリーが持つ軍事力は日々強大となり、このシモンズ一人の手には余るようになってきた。 よって、極東アジア方面の兵力は、君に指揮権を預けることにする。

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