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Suburbia was one name given to the Umbrella Prime simulation zone based on Raccoon City's "Sundown Meadows" district.


This copy of Sundown Meadows was built by the Umbrella Corporation to use as a testing ground for biowarfare. It appears to be the same suburban location where numerous Umbrella personel lived in the real Raccoon City, particularly the Ashfords. The area contains rebuilt houses, streets, and a subway station from Raccoon City, along with Raccoon City Police cars, Raccoon City News choppers, and more. "Good Rain", "Suburban Alice", "Suburban Carlos" and Becky all reside in the Suburban area. Suburban Carlos is attacked by a zombie and yells for Suburban Alice to take Becky away. They break into the attic and eventually manage to make their escape. As they run out, they are saved by Good Rain. Driving away in her car, they are suddenly struck by semi as they talk. Suburban Alice and Becky escape unharmed, but they are unable to save Good Rain, who was knocked unconscious.

They escape into a house and into a girl's bedroom and hide in the closet. A zombie enters the room and Suburban Alice tells Becky she loves her, then opens the closet and runs out to try to kill the zombie. Suburban Alice is almost killed by a zombie, but she knocks it down the steps and kills it. However, a zombified Suburban Carlos attacks Suburban Alice, killing her by knocking her down the stairs as well. Later, Alice and Ada enter the house, and Alice finds Suburban Alice's body. They find Becky as well, who mistakes Alice for her mother, causing Alice to take it upon herself to protect Becky. They leave the house but One, Jill, Bad Carlos and Bad Rain all are outside. Bad Rain informs Alice that she must surrender or they will open fire. However, Ada shoots an Umbrella officer. She tells Alice and Becky to run and escapes into a vent under the fake house. Later on, Alice and Becky find Good Rain again and leave the area together.