The Summer Clothing/ On Vacation costume is an unlockable costume for Cindy Lennox in Resident Evil Outbreak.
Resident Evil Outbreak Unlocking Cindy B06:01

Resident Evil Outbreak Unlocking Cindy B

A video showing where to find all the special items.

In it, Cindy wears a casual outfit consisting of a long-sleeved light blue shirt with sunglasses hanging on the collar, white pants and black high-heeled sandals. Cindy wears her hair in a low ponytail, as well as a black necklace. The Bracelet that is required to unlock this costume is not seen.

To use this outfit, one must first find these following items, and then purchase it for 10.000 points (1.000 in File #2). In File #2, the costume is already unlocked, and can be purchased without the use of Points by using the Data Convert option.

Item Name Scenario Room Location Difficulty
Light Blue Shirt Below Freezing Point B4F Culture Room, on the chair close to the door. Easy and Normal, paths A and B.
Cool Sunglasses Below Freezing Point B7F Laboratory, on the wall in front of the door leading to the B7F East Passage. Easy and Normal, paths A and B.
Sandals The Hive Room 302, on the chair in front of the locker. Easy and Normal, paths A and B.
Bracelet The Hive Examination Room, on the medicine cart in front of the X-Ray viewer. Hard and Very Hard, paths C and D.
White Pants Decisions, Decisions Underground Management Office, on the partially open locker. Hard and Very Hard, paths C and D.

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