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A "super zombie" is a zombie who has become unnaturally strong. They are encountered several times through the series and possess similarities.


In Resident Evil Zero, S.T.A.R.S. officer Edward Dewey succumbs to a recent t-Virus infection and is found feasting on a corpse.

In Resident Evil, the zombie that consumes Kenneth can withstand an unusually large amount of punishment. In the original Jill scenario, three magnum rounds from Barry would be required to defeat it.

In Resident Evil 2, RPD officer Marvin Branagh becomes a zombie in front of the player and takes a number of rounds greater than the typical zombies to kill him.

In Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, the sadistic Rockfort Island prison doctor, Paul Stoker climbs out of a body bag as Claire leaves the room, when she returns, he is devouring another body. Paul becomes a super zombie taking at least two Grenade Launcher grenade rounds to kill. Notably the corpse he was eating helps him fight, but only as a normal zombie.

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