The Suspended was a mutated Zombie which came into being during the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident. She was killed by a group of outbreak survivors in the Apple Inn hotel.[1]


Suspended remains humanoid in appearance and possesses many traits not common to lickers, such as eyes and a lack of exposed brain tissue. Suspended "suspends" itself from ceilings by its hind feet (now more hand-like), lashing out at potential victims with its claws and elongated tongue. Suspended seems to have its intestines hanging out. It is unknown if this is the result of a zombie attack prior to its death as a human, or just a sign of decay. Unlike the lickers, Suspended uses its tongue as a whip instead of a spear, strangling or lashing its victims to death. Throughout the entire period of the outbreak, only one was ever reported, in the lobby of the Apple Inn during the evacuation of the underpass region.



The following Moveset chart is based on information provided by BradyGames' Resident Evil Outbreak Official Strategy Guide, page 112.

Tongue Attack (舌攻撃) 100-180 200-340 300-400 400-600 Suspended attacks with a single powerful lash.
Repeated tongue attack (連続舌攻撃) 20-35 45-60 50-65 55-70 This attack consists of several, weaker tongue lashes.
Repeated tongue attack-final (連続舌攻撃・最後の1発) 150-180 160-240 260-320 300-380 Suspended succeeds the above attack with a final, more powerful lash.
First tongue lift (舌吊り上げ1発目) 200-350 500-650 550-700 600-750
Second tongue lift (舌吊り上げ2発目以降) 100-150 110-200 110-250 120-300


  • On the Hard and Very Hard modes, as soon as the player rings the bell, lickers will go below the Suspended as if they want to protect it.
  • It is one of the weakest enemies in the whole series (having 1800HP-3000HP depending on the difficulty). On EASY mode, three hits from the shotgun will kill it. The Suspended can also be neutralized with 2-5 grenade hits, and is extremely weak against the Spear.
  • Mark type characters can block its lash attacks, even the retaliatory one it does after taking damage. Instead of knocking them down, the last hit will simply push them back a couple of feet.

Further notesEdit

  • Some of George's lines during the fight imply that he knew who the Suspended mutated from.
  • Despite not making an appearance, Suspended's model is in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles data. This is because the Outbreak series assets were used heavily for making sections of Raccoon City.



  1. BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK Perfect Capture guidebook. p. 67. 

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