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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

T-JCCC 203 was an experimental virus developed by the Umbrella Corporation. A strain of the t-Virus, T-JCCC 203 was an "oncolytic virus", a virus that specifically targets cancerous cells.


The strain was developed some time before March 1993, where it entered illegal clinical trials. Operating under the guise of a front, they provided the treatment to a hospital operating in the Arklay Mountains.[1]

The first test subject was a 63-year old man named Doug Frost, administered on March 14th. His cancer cells died through apoptosis, and he developed a voracious appetite. A sudden change in his condition led to his death just over three days after administration. The second test subject, the 34-year old Dorothy Lester, received an administration on March 20th. She was found to have regained normal blood pressure and pulse; self-respiration and consciousness after only a day. On the 23rd, she was experiencing unusual EEG readings alongside her voracious appetite, but the readings calmed back down.[1]


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