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Perry universe
(Covers information from the S.D. Perry novels)
For t-Virus from the mainstream (CAPCOM) Universe, see t-Virus.

The T-virus was a mutagenic virus engineered by the Umbrella Corporation. It was engineered by Drs. Helen Black and James Trenton Darius. It was used as a marketable bio-weapon. It is known to be able to infect people as an airborne virus at at least some point in its lifetime.[1][2]

History Edit

The T-Virus was developed by researchers James Darius and his wife Helen Black. It was the end-product in their genetic research, being intent on developing a virus which could promote cellular regeneration. Umbrella, their employers, considered such a treatment to be harmful to their financial empire and had them killed in a fire. Dr. William Birkin, an employee of theirs with a more appropriate word view, became familiar with their notes and drove the project into bio-weapons development instead.[3]

Vaccination Edit

Sources Edit


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