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A promotional image of the product.

"Officially licensed Resident Evil T-Virus and Anti-Virus Prop Replica, with custom aluminum case. Each vial measures just over 5" long and is an accurate replica of this quintessential Resident Evil prop. Constructed from aluminum and Plexiglas, each vial has internal LED's so that they can be independently illuminated. They come complete with a custom aluminum display case with a clear top and Umbrella Corporation logo, so they may be displayed with the case open or closed. A must for any Resident Evil fan!"
— Product description by HCG

The T-Virus Prop Replica is a replica prop released by the Hollywood Collectibles Group. Based on the special cases seen in the first Resident Evil film, it contains replicate T-Virus and Anti-Virus vials. According to the official webpage, only 1250 replicas were produced.

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