"Feel safer with this armored vest. Reduces damage taken by 30%."
— Merchant description

The Tactical Vest is a protective vest that can be obtained in Resident Evil 4. It consists of a black bulletproof vest with multiple pouches attached. It also includes a pair of protective elbow-pads.


In the main game, the Tactical Vest can be first purchased from the Merchant for 60,000₧ in the Armory. It is available on any difficulty on the Gamecube versions but in all releases after it won't be available on a first round of Professional mode. The Tactical Vest reduces all damage taken by 30%. Once purchased, Leon automatically "puts it on". It will visually appear on Leon, it is not viewable in any item menus, and can not be unequipped or examined. It can be sold back for 30,000₧.

Further notesEdit

  • The R.P.D uniform, which is unlocked after beating the main game, also acts as a tactical vest, so if the player buys a tactical vest from the Merchant the effects will stack: the damage will be reduced by 60%. This effect is not present in the Wii and HD re-release versions. The same thing happens to the Gangster outfit. It works like two Tactical Vests, which when combined with a Tactical Vest minimizes the damage by 90% rendering Leon almost unscathed. Again the effect is not present in the Wii and HD re-release versions.


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