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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Takeru "AD" Tominaga was a Japanese cameraman who explored a mysterious island to record for the television program "Idol Survival".[1] Capcom describing him as male protagonist in Heavenly Island.



Tominaga is a tall young man and has slender figure with muscular tone. He has dark brown neck/mid-length hair and is always wearing eye glasses. He is later seen wearing Mayu's headband to tie his bangs. He is appears to be 182 cm tall.

His outfit consist of a t-shirt, baggy pants, and shoes.


Tominaga is hardworking young man with positive look and quite friendly with his co-workers. He can be clumsy sometimes, causing get scolded by directors. Tominaga is big fan of Yuki Mayu and getting awkward around her. It is shown in past when he is student, he always avoided conflicts. This was later change after seeing Mayu true personality and a fight with morio. He vowed to protect anyone.

His survival insting is very sharp since he was young during camp. He is shown to be very intelligent, as he saw flammable paint as a weapon or using weapon give by Claire.

Further notes

  • AD Tominaga is described by Capcom as the male protagonist of the manga series.


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