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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Tall Oaks was a city in the United States, with a population numbering roughly 77,000.[note 1] It was the focus of a bioterrorist attack orchestrated by the National Security Adviser, Derek C. Simmons.


During a biohazardous outbreak, some 70,000 people in the area were expected by Ingrid Hannigan to have been infected, totaling at 90% of the city's population. Later on, the city was destroyed with a missile strike; this was done to, officially, prevent the C-Virus from spreading. In reality, just like Raccoon City - which succumbed to the same "Sterilization Operation" nearly fifteen years prior - this was a political decision made to prevent the recovery of information incriminating members of the US government in the outbreak.


Tall Oaks subway map

A map of the city.

The city was located around the New England (Northeast) region of the United States.[excerpt 1] It gets its name from the oak, a tree which lives in large numbers in the nearby Northeastern coastal forests along with the "Boston Ivy".

According to a subway map of the city, it is bordered on the south and west by a river.


Ivy University was located near the center of the city, and was a major educational landmark.[excerpt 2] A church is in the city's outskirts.

The city planning was well thought-out, with a wide array of stores from gun shops to cafes neatly lined out around the subway stations.[excerpt 3]


The city demonstrated a sizable subway system.



  1. Based on 70,000 being ninety percent of the city's population, the full 100% would be 77,000
  1. Exerpt from CLUB96 article:
    With the name of the tall Oak tree, it is a city in the northeastern part of the United States. (高い樫の木という名を持つ、アメリカの北東部の都市。 Takai kashi no ki to iu na o motsu, Amerika no hokutō-bu no toshi.?)
  2. Exerpt from CLUB96 article:
    Ivy University is in the city centre, where many students pass through. (街の中心にはアイヴィ大学があり、多くの学生たちが通っていた。 Machi no chūshin ni wa aivu~i daigaku ga ari, ōku no gakusei-tachi ga tōtte ita.?)
  3. Exerpt from CLUB96 article:
    In addition, lined around the subway station are cafes and gun shops, gas stations and stores. Peacefull life had been practiced. (また、地下鉄の駅周辺にはカフェやガンショップ、ガソリンスタンドなどの店舗が立ち並び、平和な暮らしが営まれていた。 Mata, chikatetsu no eki shūhen ni wa kafe ya gan shoppu, gasorinsutando nado no tenpo ga tachinarabi, heiwana kurashi ga itonama rete ita.?)

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