Tall Oaks Cathedral and the Underground Lab, known as Tall Oaks Church and Underground laboratory (トールオークス教会と地下研究所 Tōruōkusu kyōkai to chika kenkyūjo?) in the original script, is a file in Resident Evil 6. It is found in Chapter 2 of Leon Story.



Standing out in the skyline of Tall Oaks is a cathedral that marks a plot of land that has been in the Simmons family for generations. This land primarily serves as a meeting ground for the family's secretive dealings, and there are many hidden passageways and booby traps to obstruct any potential interlopers.

The current head of the family, Derek C. Simmons, recently had a portion of the underground chamber refurbished into a modern research laboratory so he could have scientists conduct research on the C-Virus.

In the midst of the Tall Oaks biological attack, the laboratory was destroyed. During investigation of the remains, a scribbled memo was found.
After 10 years and 12,235 experiments, it's finally complete.
Thank you, Ms. Radames. I owe it all to you.






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