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The 2013 Tall Oaks Bioterrorism Attack was a bioterrorism attack involving the C-Virus as part of a larger series of bioterrorist attacks spanning major cities across the globe. Based on information from US Government support agent Ingrid Hannigan, over 90% of the population was infected. It was said by Leon S. Kennedy to be "Raccoon City all over again".[1]


On September 24, 1998, a major outbreak occurred in the popular Midwestern American industrial center of Raccoon City, after the mutagenic t-Virus reached the city's water supply. Within the next 7 days, the numbers of infected raised up to tens of thousands, overwhelming medical resources and killing a score numbers of emergency and military personnel sent to evacuate the city's residents. On October 1, with the city beyond saving, it was razed to the ground following a government decision to prevent the virus from spreading. The initial decision to do so came from Derek C. Simmons, a high-ranking government official.[2] The idea was voted on by a congressional committee, including Senator Ron Davis, and subsequently-backed by the President; as such, the "Sterilization Operation" went under effect,[note 1] and a missile was fired into the city.[3][4] Due to increasing pressure from the media regarding his controversial decision, fueled by allegations of U.S.-involvement in causing the outbreak and the decision (from Derek's suggestion) to limit knowledge on B.O.W.s,[2][note 2] the President resigned.[3]

Simmons was the head of "The Family", a secret organization of pre-American origins and consisting of the world's true elite. By the late-20th century, it was in their interests to manipulate the course of human history to better-suit the United States, which they had decided should remain at the top of their 'pyramid', and bring stability to the earth's nations. The implications that the disclosure of American involvement in Umbrella's research would raise were expected to be catastrophic for their perceived 'new world order', leading to the total collapse of American 'prestige' and dominance in world-politics. When it became evident that his close friend, President Adam Benford, had thoughts on disclosing this fact, Simmons' instincts kicked in, and he began preparations to prevent this.

More than simply silencing the President through a convenient assassination plot, Simmons planned on unleashing a widespread bioterrorist attack in the American heartland and subsequently destroying that city in order to remove evidence of his involvement and sacrifice those who had until then escaped the infection. The events would then be disclosed as an unfortunate incident of terrorism, in which the United States was forced into the extremes; this would serve as a message that the government had no plans on backing down to terrorists, and keep its dominance in global-politics.[5] President Benford made preparations to make his address at Ivy University in Tall Oaks - either through Derek's design or by coincidence - in June 2013. Three days before the proposed speech, The Family, who had been conducting wide-scale research in their secret catacombs under Tall Oaks Church, kidnapped Deborah and Helena Harper.[6][7][8] Helena, a member of the United States Secret Service, was made by Simmons to make a hole in the Secret Service's defense of the President. After his death, she believed that her sister was to be handed back to her. Of course, this was all a ploy by Simmons - he had no intention on letting such a witness escape: Helena was to be used as a scapegoat for the assassination and branded a traitor, and expected to die during the city's devastation.[9] Deborah, who was to be killed by Simmons' researchers as soon as Helena left; in the end, the researchers chose to keep her alive as a new candidate in their C-Virus experimentation.[10]

Simmons' plan succeeded in preventing the president from telling the truth about Raccoon City. However all of Simmons' attempts to prevent chaos from spreading were ruined when Neo Umbrella claimed responsibility for the attack and started a worldwide bioterrorist attack.


Ground ZeroEdit


Per Simmons' plan, on the day of the President's speech, Helena posted a false-report on a terrorist group's arrival into the university, intent on assassinating him. Falling for the ruse, Benford's protection split up and began searching the university for the suspects. Turning back on her actions, Helena alerted her colleagues as to the ruse, but her history of infractions meant that they were distrustful of her, and continued searching for the suspects.[8] With the hole revealed, a Lepotica - one of several strategically-placed in the city - hidden within the university erupted from its chrysalid and began infecting students; teachers and security personnel alike with the C-Virus.[11] With the gas spreading, the President's security detachment was powerless to come to his aid, and he was infected with the virus. When Helena and D.S.O. agent Leon S. Kennedy got to him, he had completely transformed into a zombie and was subsequently killed.[8] Revealing his death to F.O.S. operative Ingrid Hannigan, Helena informed her of a "lead" at the church, having Leon -confused as to her admitting responsibility for the President's death - back her up.[12]

Exploring the university, Leon and Helena's mission was put on hold when Leon chose to help a man find his daughter, Liz; he was willing to drive the two agents out of the university for finding her. This agreement was cut short on the elevator ride to the underground car park, however, when Liz succumbed to the C-Virus and killed her father.[13] Unable to get to the car without drawing attention from the zombies, the two agents were forced to remain in the university, searching for another way out. Making their way into the security room, Leon was forced to give up hope in helping the survivors after witnessing two people being attacked by zombies while alerting the security room to help them.[14] This caused much strain for Leon, as his beliefs relied upon philosophical speeches such as "If you don't try to save one life, you'll never save any."[15]


Following this, the two agents continue their search for a way out of the university, finally escaping in a police car that was just outside of the campus. However whilst en route to the town, they are ambushed by zombies on the roof and are forced to continue on foot through a subway infested with zombies and dogs, whilst also contending with moving trains; the trains helped mow down the crowds of zombies.

Upon exiting the station they head to the surface, finding the city in total chaos. Survivors continue their vain efforts to escape and motorists crash when ambushed by the infected. Leon and Helena continue on, however, killing only what gets in their way. The direct route that they intended to take is blocked off, however, when a police van crashes into a truck. Taking the alternative, yet slightly longer route, they happen upon a group of survivors attempting to hold off at a gas station and Leon stresses they need to help, much to Helena's chagrin. After hold of many of the zombies a second police van crashes into the gas station, tearing one of the pumps from the ground and causing petrol to spray up from the ground. Leon and Helena use this to their advantage and destroy the gas station and the attacking zombies.

Leon, Helena and the group of survivors head to the local gun store, the owner refusing to let them in until they mop up the area outside of the store. Outside, a horde of zombies converge on the gun store and the survivors are forced to deal with them, one of them dying in the process after leaving the safety of the store. When the gunfire dies down a little, the owner lowers protective shutters and allows the remaining survivors access to the upper floors of the store.

The owner informs the survivors that he is waiting for a bus to pick him up and take him to the church, where more survivors are supposed to be gathering. This benefits Leon and Helena, and they agree to wait for the bus with the others. Matters are complicated when zombies begin attacking the upper levels of the store and they try to buy time for one of the survivors, a Japanese man, to lower the shutters up there. They hold off and retreat further, before a Whopper bursts in on them and attacks. With combined firepower the large zombie falls and they move further upstairs, finally making their way to the roof.

Even on the roof, they're not safe. Zombies begin to rise and make their way to the store roof, including a second Whopper. With help from Leon and Helena, the survivors are able to last until the bus finally arrives and they make a final run for safety, although a third Whopper is barring their path and the owner and Japanese man are killed in the subsequent attack. The bus finally pushes the Whopper over and kills it by crushing it's head, soon escaping into the areas outside of the beleaguered city.

Sins to ConfessEdit

Following their narrow escape from the main area of the city, Hunnigan informs the two agents that 90% of the population has been infected with the virus, bringing the total death toll up to 70,000 people. The driver spots a zombie and thinking he could pull it off, runs it over, causing the driver to lose control and end up teetering over the edge of a cliff and surrounded by zombies. A truck then rams the bus off of the edge and it crashes far down.

Leon and Helena escape the crash unscathed, however the bus driver is killed when the bus explodes, the other survivors killed in the zombie attack just prior. Despite their sadness, Helena stresses that they need to press on to the church which they do so.

Navigating the zombie infested graveyard whilst contending with dogs, one of which holding the key to the main gates, the two finally make it there, only to be told that the doors are not being opened. Trapped outside, the two engage the zombies with sniper assistance from above and after a lengthy battle and a little bit of convincing, the two are allowed into the sanctuary of the church. The survivors assumptions that they are part of a rescue team are shot down by Leon, and they go back to waiting. Helena assists Leon in gathering all of the necessary pieces of a puzzle to allow access to a facility below the church, unleashing a Lepotica in the process. The creature is killed, but they are not without losses, all but a small group of the survivors remain, others having either been eaten by those exposed to its blue fog, or having succumbed to it.

As Leon and Helena wanders through Simmons' laboratory hidden beneath the church, Helena began to drag Leon deeper into the basement. After evading hordes of the undead infesting the laboratory, the two came into an ancient catacombs. They continued to search for a way out until Deborah, Helena's sister is found. Despite their attempt to get her to safety, Deborah was succumbed into the C-Virus inside her and eventually mutated into a mindless B.O.W. with the ability to grow spider-like appendages to attack Leon and Helena. But with the help from Ada Wong, they managed to defeat the mutated Deborah.

Following an intense time in the facility as well as the death of Deborah Harper, the duo escape the facility with nothing but what they know as evidence. And even then, that's not enough to clear their names since Simmons already declared them as suspects in the bioterror attack.

The End of Tall OaksEdit

No official rescue attempt was made for the few survivors of the city and the infamous Sterilization Operation from Raccoon City was once more put into effect. Bombers were sent into the city under order from Simmons to erase all traces of the virus, including survivors. Leon's statement that Tall Oaks was a replica of Raccoon came true as they watched the city's end from afar, all evidence of the National Security Advisor's involvement vanishing in the epicenter. 

News regarding the incident and the President's assassination were made public one day later, fearing another bioterror incident like the one in Tall Oaks, Barry Burton was preparing to evacuate his family from US neighbour country Canada to another area. 


  1. While the file says "Operation: Bacillus Terminate", this is an addition made by the localization team for both Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil 6. It is simply referred to as the "Sterilization Operation" or "Mission Code: XX".
  2. It is seen in Operation Javier 1 that, with so few publicised viral outbreaks, some people denounced the very existence of bio-weapons
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