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The Taxidermy Display Room is a room that lies past Chief Irons' Office inside the Raccoon Police Department.


The room contains many prized artifacts and taxidermy that belong to Chief Brian Irons. It also contains several suits of armor that are on display. There is also a backroom that contains a sink, a fireplace, and a small pink box.


When playing as Claire Redfield in both scenarios, she will come across Sherry Birkin for the first time inside the backroom. To find Sherry though, she needs to switch on the lights behind the wall to illuminate the room.

Leon does not initially have access to this room until Claire blows up the helicopter rubble blocking Irons' Office. Even then, he can only access this room during his B scenario. Once inside this room though, Leon can find the Square Crank inside the pink box hiding in the back.


Location Localization Original Script
The artifact inside the glass Various object of art. Nothing useful.
Goblet A goblet. Nothing extraordinary.
The Knight suits It's kept clean.
The fireplace It doesn't look like it's been used.
The light switch It's a switch. Will you push it? Yes/No
The pink box (After obtaining the First Aid) There's nothing more.


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