The taxidermy preparation room (剥製処理室 Hakusei shori-shitsu?)[1] is an area of the Raccoon City Police Station that is featured in Resident Evil 2.


This small dark room is dimly lit by a light hanging from the ceiling. There is a shelf to the right of the player as they work into the room with various jars and human skulls placed on them as well as a desk in the center and back of the room both having various tools and blood scatterd across them.


The player can enter this room as Claire through the Secret Passage. It is here that she faces Chief Irons, infected with "G" Young by William Birkin early on before being killed by it (or by Birkin directly on Scenario B). Next, the player can head to the Cavernous Passage by going down the ladder.

In Leon B, upon reaching the sewers, the player can backtrack using Claire's route and reach this room. However, there is nothing to pick up in the room, with the exception of being able to examine Chief Irons' body.


Location Localization Original script
The saw It's a saw. Fresh blood is smeared on the blade.
The shelf Formalin, Chloroform and other chemicals...

The shelf near the ladder

Disturbing stuff.
Chief Irons' body (Leon B) His body has been torn apart. Something appears to have burst out from inside...
Ladder to the Cavernous Passage A ladder leads down. Will you go down? Yes/No




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