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Height:Over 12 feet (366 cm) (After mutation)
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Thanatos was a unique Tyrant specimen created by rogue Umbrella Corporation scientist Greg Mueller. During the Raccoon City Outbreak, Greg released Thanatos in defiance of Umbrella's mass-production of Tyrants. As with other B.O.W.s, Thanatos was named after an entity in Graeco-Roman mythology - in this case the Greek god of death.


Thanatos's design was derived from the T-103 model.[1]

During the outbreak, Greg formed a partnership with Peter Jenkins at Raccoon University with the offer of helping him create a vaccine for the t-Virus. T-Blood, blood from a creature infected with the t-Virus, was offered by Greg to be obtained to create the vaccine. Greg had it in mind to get the blood from Thanatos. However, Peter discovered that Greg was helping him create the vaccine purely due to a personal vendetta, and that Greg actually sought to use the cure as leverage against Umbrella. As such, Peter refused to continue researching with him, and thus T-Blood from Thanatos was rendered useless. Thanatos, however, would not remain dormant.

An Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service team was sent by Umbrella as part of Operation: Emperor's Mushroom. The objective was to enter the grounds of the Raccoon University and retrieve the Tyrant, or if the creature was too strong to contain, kill it and retrieve the remains. The operation was ready to go ahead from 0535 to 0635 on October 1, 1998, the very last moments available for the company.[2]

Already aware of Umbrella's intent, Greg released his creation with the intention of wiping out the team.[3] Some time around the time of the mission's initiation, the UBCS team, comprised of six operatives including Karl, Dustin and Nikolai Zinoviev, made contact with the creature in the back square. Keeping their distance, the team continued to open sub-machine gun fire in an attempt to take it down. The tactic failed to take it down, and the other component of the plan - Nichaolai collecting the desired T-Blood from behind - led it on a homicidal rampage, killing the ground-side components of the team, either unable or simply unaware of Nikolai for it to kill. Thanatos then carried off the body of one of the mercenaries to Greg for his researching purposes.[note 1] Nikolai then began preparations for another encounter, should it take place.[4]

Thanatos then proceeded to pursue a rag-tag group of refugees throughout the university, possibly under Greg's orders. Whatever the reason, it failed, and the survivors managed to escape it's grasp. In fact, the survivors temporarily managed to knock Thanatos out with an electric shock, taking the pod with T-Blood with them. After Greg's assassination by Nikolai, and the activation of the C-4 charges he spent the time in hiding setting up, Thanatos again tried, and failed, to kill the survivors while they fled. While they escaped to the temporary safety of the back square, the C-4 went off, destroying a section of the university building and bringing the ceiling down around Thanatos. Though this severely injured it and cost it an arm, it also caused it to mutate into its Super Tyrant form, known as "Thanatos R."

After its mutation, Thanatos resumed its chase for the survivors outside the university. As they made their way to evacuation, Thanatos cut them off. Though it could have easily overpowered and killed the group, their resilience proved an advantage. Still, Thanatos quickly resumed its chase at full strength. At the front square, Thanatos intercepted the survivors for the third and final time. They utilized an Ampule Shooter dropped by a dead soldier. By inserting a sample of the Daylight antigen - a vaccine to the t-Virus made with Thanatos' very blood - into it and shooting it into Thanatos, the survivors defeated it and escaped the city. However, Thanatos' body had the means to combat Daylight.[5]


Thanatos is the final boss of the Decisions, Decisions scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak, and also makes an appearance in the Showdown 1 and Showdown 3 scenarios of File 2.

Thanatos is easily recognized by its sublime display of agility, brute force, and keen survival instincts. While chasing the survivors throughout the University, Thanatos displayed its quickness, easily outrunning all the survivors. Thanatos could quickly kill its victims by simply stabbing its claw into them. It was completely impervious to all small-arms fire, and the only known way to cause it harm was an intense dose of electricity. All this culminated into forging Thanatos into a perfect killing machine.

Despite having the exposed heart which Tyrants are characterized by, it does not seem to be a weak spot as it is with other Tyrants. Though, upon observation, Greg seemed to have built a metal case around it.

After it was weakened by the University's collapse, it went through a mutation that increased its size and strength. Upon becoming "Thanatos R", it became characterized by its towering height; over 12 feet tall, a bigger and beefed up body, a single massive five-fingered claw, and the loss of the right arm. To compensate, the remaining left arm has become gigantic and elastic, able to stretch great distances and swing about like a flail.

In the paired bad ending for Kevin and Jim, Thanatos is shown to have survived the t-Virus vaccination, which speaks volumes about its resistance and strength. It is unknown exactly how the Tyrant would have survived, as no other Tyrant was exposed to a vaccination. On the said ending, Kevin engages the Tyrant one final time before the missiles rain down on Raccoon City.



The following chart is extracted from the BradyGames guidebook.[6]
Online Offline
EASY 3500-4800HP 3000HP
NORMAL 3800-6300HP 3500HP
HARD 4000-6300HP 4500HP
VERY HARD 4000-9000HP 4800HP


The following chart is extracted from the BradyGames guidebook.[6]
"Wide Swing" 120-150 250-280 300-330 450-480
"Jump Attack" 220-250 380-420 500-530 650-680
"Grab, Shake & Smash" 350-380 400-440 450-480 500-540
"Dash Attack" 160-200 180-220 200-240 220-260

Further notesEdit

  • Of all the Tyrants, Thanatos is one of the most powerful. In its first form, it is unkillable, fast, and does not flinch very easily; even when the building collapsed on top of it, it just severely weakened it, forcing a mutation and new abilities such as leaping great distances and broad attack patterns from its extremely long arm.
  • During its standard form, Thanatos is the only Tyrant that can make an instant death attack even in FINE status. The player will notice this action as it will stay standing still in place and start groaning, stabbing any character on its way.
  • On its standard form, it is recommended to use the Handgun against it.
  • Thanatos' concept artwork showed it being dressed with a formal suit and glasses.
  • While playing Showdown 1 and Showdown 3 with George, shooting antiviruses with the ampole shooter will deal 400HP of damage to this Tyrant.
  • While playing Showdown 1, Thanatos is weak against melee weapons. It is recommended to use the Hammer and the Survival Knife against it. Oddly, during Showdown 3 both of its forms are weak against the Handgun.
    • The Survival Knife can cause it five times more damage on its mutated form. It is recommended to use it as Cindy, due to her ability to dodge any attack.



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