Further notes
  • Of all the Tyrants, Thanatos is one of the most powerful. In its first form, it is unkillable, fast, and does not flinch very easily; even when the building collapsed on top of it, it just severely weakened it, forcing a mutation and new abilities such as leaping great distances and broad attack patterns from its extremely long arm.
  • During its standard form, Thanatos is the only Tyrant that can make an instant death attack even in FINE status. The player will notice this action as it will stay standing still in place and start groaning, stabbing any character on its way.
  • On its standard form, it is recommended to use the Handgun against it.
  • Thanatos' concept artwork showed it being dressed with a formal suit and glasses.
  • While playing Showdown 1 and Showdown 3 with George, shooting antiviruses with the ampole shooter will deal 400HP of damage to this Tyrant.
  • While playing Showdown 1, Thanatos is weak against melee weapons. It is recommended to use the Hammer and the Survival Knife against it. Oddly, during Showdown 3 both of its forms are weak against the Handgun.
    • The Survival Knife can cause it five times more damage on its mutated form. It is recommended to use it as Cindy, due to her ability to dodge any attack.