Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The 3rd Organization was the term used to describe the secret underground organization led by Albert Wesker; it is otherwise known as "the organization". It was primarily comprised of his own followers and agents and operated with the intent to acquire certain items of interest which he could use for his plans of global domination.


In 2002, Jack Krauser joined Wesker's organization and became his most loyal follower, wholly believing in his ideals. In 2004, Wesker sent an invitation to a spy he had previously worked with in Umbrella's rival company, Ada Wong, to join his organization. Both Krauser and Ada were sent to retrieve a dominant species sample of the Plaga in Spain, and although the mission was a success, Wesker was betrayed by Ada, who only sent him a mere subordinate species Plaga. Although his plans were temporarily stalled by this betrayal, he successfully recovered the dead dominant species Plaga from Krauser's corpse.

Armed with the Plaga, he rose to a leadership position within the rival company, and his own organization was either absorbed back to the original Organization or rendered defunct. After Albert's death this organization was terminated.


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