The Ashfords was a Capcom development blog published 3 July 2009. It is the eleventh in a series of some twenty-three blogs detailing the development of the game, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.[1]


The Code: Veronica scenario takes place on Rockfort Island, run by two members of the noble Ashford family, the twin brother and sister Alfred and Alexia Ashford, the story's main characters.

The family matriarch, Veronica Ashford, was a noble-born descendent of European aristocracy. The Ashford family bloodline has been cursed ever since Edward, the 5th generation family head, founded the Umbrella Corporation. This curse also affected his heir Alexander, and his children Alfred and Alexia.

It was not long after the founding of Umbrella that Edward died mysteriously. When his successor Alexander went missing, it was presumed that he had died as well, so Alfred assumed the position of the 7th generation family head and took command of Rockfort Island, which meant that he got to play king-of-the-hill of a remote Umbrella prison and paramilitary training facility. But, he had a plan...

When recreating the Code: Veronica scenario for Darkside Chronicles, I had a hard time deciding where to put the focus. I sat down with the cut-scene director, Hidé Gondoh, and we chose the Ashford Family to be the focus. We liked the story of the Ashfords. But why?

The first work Hidé ever did on Resident Evil was on the original Code: Veronica. I was involved in that project as well, so the two of us have developed a special fondness for it. I saw this game as a second chance to do the things we weren't able to do in the original game, and I wanted to take the challenge.

Talking Evil - The Ashfords

Alfred's subdued yet eerie performance choreographed by Hidé is a must-see. There were a lot of things I did, too, throughout the game to try to bring out Alfred's mental deterioration and slow descent into insanity. I think all of that came together effectively to tell the story of this cursed bloodline.

In the Code: Veronica portion of Darkside Chronicles, there is a chapter called “Game of Oblivion”, whose title holds a certain significance. Until the game is released, I'll have to let you remain “oblivious” to what this chapter is all about

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