The Butcher (Part 1) is the third cutscene in Resident Evil 5, playing during "Chapter 1-1". This scene is played upon the Chris and Shevas meeting of the Butcher. In the Japanese version, it is known as "Butcher man (first half)" (肉屋の男 (前半) Nikuya no otoko (zenhan)?).[1]


Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar pick up the weapons that are offered by the butcher so that they can take down Ricardo Irving before he does anything that is majorly dangerous.


Fisher: "Good. You're both here. Come."

Fisher: "You two. This way. It may be because of the new government, but people around here are a little on edge. You should do what you came to do and go home."

Chris: "Yeah, they really roll out the red carpet for us Americans."

Fisher: "I have your weapons for you here. Check them."

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