The Butcher (Part 2) is the fourth cutscene in Resident Evil 5, played during "Chapter 1-1". This scene is played upon the Chris and Sheva meeting of the Butcher. In the Japanese version, it is known as "Butcher man (second half)" (肉屋の男 (後半) Nikuya no otoko (kōhan)?).[1]


Sheva asks what destination they are headed for, while the Butcher asks if they know anything about the Uroboros virus and Chris acknowledges this question that they only heard rumors. The Butcher then gives them a lead to Ricardo Irving, a man who is trying to achieve the goal of destroying the world and both Chris and Sheva must find him before he can sell a Bio Organic Weapon on the Black Market.


Sheva: "Destination coordinates?"

Fisher: "Town square up ahead. Go through there, Alpha Team's waiting at the deal location."

Sheva: "Good."

Fisher: "What do you know about Uroboros?"

Fisher: "Mostly just rumors... something about a doomsday project."

Fisher: "'Doomsday' sounds about right, and apparently it is no rumor."

Sheva: "You're kidding, right?"

Fisher: "You must find a man named Irving, he's our only lead."

Fisher: "And be careful out there."

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