The Fall of Wesker is the fifty-second cutscene in Resident Evil 5, playing during "Chapter 6-3". In the Japanese version, it is known as "Wesker's last moments" (ウェスカーの最期 Wesukā no saigo?).[1]



Jill: "Grab on!"

Wesker: "CHRIS!!!"

Chris: "Hang on!"

Jill: "Chris, Sheva, use those!"

Chris: "Ready partner?"

Sheva: "Locked and loaded."

Chris: "Suck on this, Wesker."

Sheva: "Your time's up, you son of a bitch!"

Sheva: "That was for our fallen brothers."

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.



  1. kaitaishinsho, p.407.

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