The Gap between two Claires was a Capcom staff blog published 29 May 2009. It is the sixth in a series of some twenty-three blogs detailing the development of the game, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.[1]


Last time, I talked about Claire's appeal, but that's not all there is to her.
Have you ever thought about the gap between the two sides of her character?

It's just when you think she's just an ordinary college student, we find out that Claire possesses an exceptional set of survival skills. - Perhaps because she is the little sister of Special Forces member Chris Redfield? Yet despite being a saucy biker type, her gentle side won't allow her to forsake the weak. The reason she came to Raccoon City in the first place was to look for her brother. Her outward appearance kind of belies her real personality, and that gap makes her an interesting character.

For this game, we realized the importance of that gap, and tried to recreate the Claire we knew from 1998. For the design, we turned to Capcom's own SHIGECHIYO. SHIGECHIYO also worked as the main designer on Umbrella Chronicles, and did character and monster design. For Darkside Chronicles he went a step further and gave us support starting from the concept stage.

So, I asked SHIGECHIYO about what he paid attention to most while designing.

First of all, I didn't want to upset the image fans have of Resident Evil 2, so I tried to leave the basics unchanged. But given that the original's design is more than 10 years old, I have updated the look and feel in some places. The changes aren't drastic though; it just needs a subtle refining touch.

Also, advances in hardware have led to improvements in rendering and allowed me to add details that convey Claire's character and personality. Her sunglasses and boots show that she is into motorcycles. The knife on her shoulder, her cut-off jeans, all of these things that show that gap in her character, her spunk, I am leaving them as they were. I'm only rearranging them.


Talking Evil - Gap between two Claires 1

We created a 3D model of Claire based on that design.

We really paid attention to detail, right down to how much midriff to have her show, and the size of her butt. Because the display system in Darkside Chronicles let's you see your partner, how characters look from behind is extremely important. From that attention to detail was born a Claire, packed with a whole new kind of appeal. Watch the latest trailer, and I'm sure you'll understand what I mean.

【Game Model】

Talking Evil - Gap between two Claires 2

When voice is added to Claire's model in motion, the allure she had in Resident Evil 2 becomes apparent once again.

Claire gets caught up in a hellish struggle to escape from Raccoon City. As she and Leon help each other, they start to develop a mutual understanding of one another. Unlike in the original game, in Darkside Chronicles, the two characters act as a pair, so the dialog between them has more substance and detail.

They start out in the beginning as just two survivors, but along the way, they learn to trust in each other, and transform into a formidable team. Claire's tenderness and her toughness are what pull Leon through. I believe that seeing that growth, together with the game's learning curve, will make for an enjoyable experience.

The fact that she grows up in the end, is the reason I like Claire.
Claire does, in fact, mature into a real warrior. That is the Claire you've seen in Code: Veronica.

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