The Great Novelist is a cutscene in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This cutscene plays after Jill has ran away from the horde of Zombies on starting point. Jill has dialogue with Dario Rosso on this cutscene.

The alternate cutscene will play if Jill explores the container with Dario after he closed it.


September 28 - Daylight
The mosters have overtaken the city.
Somehow, I'm still alive.

9月28日 昼 
しかし 私はまだ生きのびている

Jill: そろそろここを出た方がいいわ
Dario: なんだと?

September 28 - Daytime
There are now no longer the screams of people running about trying to escape.
However, I have survived.


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