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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)
The Hive
Location:Arklay Mansion (underground)
Population:est. 500 (formerly)
Notable events:T-Virus outbreak
Current status:Destroyed (Apocalypse)
Duplicated (Extinction)

The Hive is a top secret underground laboratory in Resident Evil. The complex is controlled by a super computer known as the Red Queen. The facility is located deep beneath the streets of Raccoon City and houses more than 500 scientists, technicians and support staff, all of which are employed by the Umbrella Corporation.

t-Virus OutbreakEdit

When Spence Parks, the security operative assigned to guard the mansion entrance, stole the t-Virus to sell on the black market, he also released it into the Hive's air conditioning system. Within minutes, every employee in the facility had been exposed and the Red Queen was forced to act.


The Hive complex.

She sealed the Hive, filled the offices with the fire suppressant halon, flooded the laboratories, and caused the elevators to crash. The mansion and connecting train were filled with a nerve gas that causes unconsciousness and memory loss.

Five hours later, a commando team under One was sent in to investigate, taking along Matt Addison, the amnesia-stricken Janus Prospero, and Spence with them. Eventually, the entire team was destroyed, either by infection, or thanks to the Red Queen's defenses. Matt and Janus were the only survivors, escaping only to be captured by Umbrella Scientists.


Following the capture of Janus and Matt, an unnamed doctor ordered the Hive be reopened, which led to the freeing of many Undead and lickers, causing the t-Virus to be released into Raccoon City. It is unknown what became of the Hive after the bombing of Raccoon City as a part of Umbrella's cover up, though it can be assumed that it was irradiated and purged of infection along with the rest of the city.


The Hive's infamous "laser room" was reproduced, along with a portion of the mansion and a section of the Raccoon General Hospital, as a testing ground for the Janus clones in the North American facility after the worldwide outbreak. It was later used by Janus and a clone to kill the mutated Dr. Sam Isaacs.





Further Notes Edit

  • The Hive was apparently destroyed as the Sony Resident Evil: Apocalypse newspaper states that Raccoon City Police officials entered the Hive and witnessed horrific experiments on animals. The newspaper can be found here
  • The Hive is also the name of one of the levels in Resident Evil Outbreak. However, this scenario takes place in Raccoon General Hospital and is unrelated with the films, with the characters being attacked by hordes of Leeches.
  • The train featured in the film's closing sequence is borrowed from the final level of Resident Evil 2.
  • The laser grid security system seen in the Hive was later implemented in Resident Evil 4. However, failing to pass the grid will result in a clean death sequence instead of a graphic dismemberment. Another version was seen in the Russian base in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.
  • The Hive's laser grid was recreated as part of the testing floor of the North American Research Facility.
  • The set design for The Hive was based on real-life nuclear bunkers. Its shape was intended to give a disorienting feel.

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