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Anderson universe
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The Hive was an underground laboratory located under Raccoon City. It was constructed by the Umbrella Corporation for bioweapons research, and its existence was kept secret from the majority of its employees. To lower the chance of information leaks, the facility was capable of housing more than 500 employees - scientists, technicians and support staff. The facility was severely damaged when the city was bombed in late 2002.

History Edit

The facility was constructed some time before 2002 by the Umbrella Corporation. Holding great influence over the day-to-day running of Raccoon City, they were able to keep its construction a secret.

2002 viral outbreak Edit

By mid-2002 an underground anti-Umbrella group had successfully planted a mole within the laboratory. The mole, Lisa Addison, gained an ally in the laboratory's head of security, Janus Prospero, and the two planned to steal the facility's T-virus samples and use them as irrefutable proof of illegal bioweapons research. Another disloyal Umbrella employee, Spence, became aware of this plan and instead stole the samples ahead of the two for the purpose of finding wealth on the black market. To prevent being discovered, one of the samples was thrown to the floor. Spence successfully escaped the facility before the Red Queen computer system detected the leak. The remaining staff, including Lisa, were killed by the Red Queen in an effort to prevent reanimation after their exposure, knowing a team would inevitably be ordered to investigate the facility.

Later that night Umbrella's Sanitation team entered the Looking Glass House to investigate. There they found Janus and Spence, both amnesiac due to a gas released by the Red Queen, and Matt Addison - Lisa's brother - who had come to collect the expected sample masquerading as a police officer. Moving into the facility, the team suffered losses at the hands of a laser grid used by the Red Queen to keep away intruders. Although successfully shutting the computer down, the team suffered more losses from Undead, which the Red Queen had failed to prevent. The survivors escaped the facility's by train to the Looking Glass House, attacking along the way by a Licker the Red Queen had released to take out the Sanitation team earlier. Janus and Matt were the only ones to make it back to the Looking Glass House, where they were taken away by researchers for further study and another team sent into the Hive to re-investigate. In their attempts, the Undead escaped into the city streets and caused another viral outbreak.

Global Pandemic Edit

Ten years after the Global T-Virus pandemic begins, Alice returns to the Hive on the orders of the Red Queen to find it still operational and used a cryo facility for high-ranking Umbrella officials to wait out the pandemic. With the help of the Red Queen, Alice is able to locate and release a potent anti-virus that will end the pandemic and blows up the Hive using some left over equipment from Kaplan.


Further Notes Edit

  • The Hive was apparently destroyed as the Sony Resident Evil: Apocalypse newspaper states that Raccoon City Police officials entered the Hive and witnessed horrific experiments on animals. The newspaper can be found here
  • The train featured in the film's closing sequence is borrowed from the final level of Resident Evil 2.
  • The laser grid security system seen in the Hive was later implemented in Resident Evil 4. However, failing to pass the grid will result in a clean death sequence instead of a graphic dismemberment. Another version was seen in the Russian base in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.
  • The Hive's laser grid was recreated as part of the testing floor of the North American Research Facility.
  • The set design for The Hive was based on real-life nuclear bunkers. Its shape was intended to give a disorienting feel.
  • According to One, the Hive personnel lived there as well as worked there.

Sources Edit

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