The Mercenaries United is a minigame available in the PS4 and Xbox One release of Resident Evil 5. It is a combination of the game's The Mercenaries and The Mercenaries Reunion. All characters and stages from both modes can be selected from the beginning.[1]


The gameplay for Solo, Duo, and Splitscreen modes is the same as in The Mercenaries Reunion with the benefit of having both previous mercenaries modes cast all playable in one mode, while the announcer is randomized between Josh and Jill.

It also includes an Unlimited Mode which is based on the original, previously PC exclusive No Mercy mode, which is featured in the normal mercenaries mode only.

Further notesEdit

  • In the game files for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, there are unused voice lines for Jill and Wesker calling to the characters exclusive to The Mercenaries Reunion and vice versa. This suggests that Jill and Wesker who're absent in The Mercenaries Reunion were intended to be part of the game mode but were cut.
  • It is possible to play No Mercy in duo mode by inviting someone play (using PS4/XBOX ONE invite system). However, the game will have a lot of glitches and it may crash while playing; some of the glitches are: only 150 enemies will spawn, when the players hit the time bonuses, it will instantly disappear (the time will be added though), enemies will attack the players with invisible weapons, some enemies will have weird physics (like regular majini attacking like big man majini and viceversa, etc), rocket launchers will still be available.



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