The first mission! (はじめてのミッション! Hajimete no misshon!?) is a promotional manga released for BIOHAZARD OPERATION RACCOON CITY intended as to explain to Japanese readers what kind of game it will be.


In the first panel, LUPO immediately breaks the fourth wall, establishing that they are now online in Raccoon City,[excerpt 1] with VECTOR adding that cooperative play isn't being performed.[excerpt 2]

LUPO introduces the reader to Delta Team as the Umbrella Special Forces protagonists, [excerpt 3] though are playable from the perspective of the "bad guys" (themselves, as antagonists in the overall events).[excerpt 4] VECTOR brings up that they, therefore, could Leon S. Kennedy, [excerpt 5] which LUPO refers to as a "parallel scenario".[excerpt 6] Their true mission, as said by LUPO, is the recovery of data for Umbrella, or otherwise the deletion of "inconvenient truths".[excerpt 7]

LUPO begins to describe Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, first describing it as a new "Survival Shooter",[excerpt 8] which only confuses VECTOR.[excerpt 9] LUPO goes on to explain that it is a Biohazard-based "TPS", which makes it a "Survival Shooter" (revealing it as a portmonteau of "Survival Horror" and "Third Person Shooter),[excerpt 10] shooting at a pair of zombies as part of the explanation. VECTOR, himself does not know what TPS stands for, simply asking "TPS?"; she goes into even more detail,[excerpt 11] as well as bringing to attention the prospect of there being a three-way battle between the USS; the various creatures and government spec ops.[excerpt 12]

After going through a number of zombies, VECTOR becomes anxious - he has run out of ammo.[excerpt 13] He is advised to pick up a new gun or ammo from around the map, or otherwise switch to the "sub-weapon".[excerpt 14] LUPO interjects, raising the valid point that knives can also be used in close-proximity attacks.[excerpt 15]

As they are constantly going on tangents during the battle, VECTOR is shot by an unseen assailant and starts bleeding.[excerpt 16] Out of physical strength, VECTOR brings up that herbs and first aid sprays will help recover a player's health.[excerpt 17] VECTOR then screams out, "kiyatsu!", as a zombie cop bites him, then declaring exactly what the reader sees.[excerpt 18] LUPO shoots it off of him with her assault rifle.

VECTOR realises that he has been infected with the t-Virus, and goes into a brief monologue, showing some deterioration in his speech (despite already being written in informal Japanese).[excerpt 19] He starts to accept that he cannot possibly prevent his impending transformation,[excerpt 20] now barely seeing LUPO with his blurred vision, which he questions.[excerpt 21] LUPO sprays him with the Anti-Viral Spray, but becomes concerned that it is too late.[excerpt 22] When it doesn't look like it's working, she refuses to let him transform and kills him.[excerpt 23][excerpt 24] In flow with her character, she laments at this loss,[excerpt 25] before approaching his corpse to resuscitate him.[excerpt 26] Again pointing out exactly what we can see, VECTOR declares that he has been saved.[excerpt 27]

At the end of the comic, LUPO looks right at the reader, and declares that team work is important in Survival Shooters.[excerpt 28]



  1. We are now online in Raccoon City (われわれは今オンライン上のラクーンシティにいる Wareware wa ima onrain-jō no rakūnshiti ni iru?)
  2. Kyōryoku purei o koko de okonau wakedesu ne (協力プレイをココで行うわけですね?)
  3. Anburera tokushu kōsaku butai no wareware ga shujinkōna noda (アンブレラ特殊工作部隊の我々が主人公なのだ?)
  4. Warumono no shiten de asoberu ndesu ne (悪者の視点で遊べるんですね?)
  5. Jā Reon ga taosete shimau no ka na. Sono tōri! (じゃあレオンが倒せてしまうのかな。そのとおり!?)
  6. Tadashi pararerushinariodaga na (ただしパラレルシナリオだがな?)
  7. Hoka ni mo dēta no kaishū ya masshō ninmu mo aru zo! Anburera ni totte futsugōna jijitsu o kesu wakedesu ne ichi (他にもデータの回収や抹消任務もあるぞ!アンブレラにとって不都合な事実を消すわけですね一?)
  8. Soshite konkai wa shin shisutemu sabaibarushūtāda! (そして今回は新システムサバイバルシューターだ!?)
  9. Sabaibarushūtā? (サバイバルシューター??)
  10. Sabaibarushūta to wa baio + TPS no kotoda! (サバイバルシュータとはバイオ+TPSのことだ!?)
  11. TPS to wa Third pāson shūtingu Game no ryaku de, 3 ninshō shiten no shūtingugēmu no kotoda! (TPSとはThird Person Shooting Gameの略で、3人称視点のシューティングゲームのことだ!?)
  12. Seifu no tokushu butai supekku opusu ya kurīchā to no mitsudomoenotatakai ga tenkai suru zo! (政府の特殊部隊SPEC OPSやクリーチャーとの三つ巴の戦いが展開するぞ!?)
  13. Ta, dangan gire…? (た、弾丸ぎれ…??)
  14. Sabū~epon ni mochi kaeru ka mappu-jō de jū ya dan'yaku o hirou nda! (サブウェポンに持ち替えるかマップ上で銃や弾薬を拾うんだ!?)
  15. Naifu de kinsetsu kōgeki o okonau koto mo dekiru zo! (ナイフで近接攻撃を行う事もできるぞ!?)
  16. Utareta! Chi ga de teru! (撃たれた!血が出てる!?)
  17. Tairyoku ga mō nai yo 〜! Hābu yo kyūkyū supurē o tsukau to kaifuku dekiru zo! (体力がもう無いよ〜!ハーブよ救急スプレーを使うと回復できるぞ!?)
  18. Kiyatsu! Zonbi ni kama reta! (キヤツ! ゾンビに噛まれた!?)
  19. t-u~irusu ni kansen shite shimatta ka…… do…… dō na~tsu chau no? (t-ウィルスに感染してしまったか……ど……どうなっちゃうの??)
  20. Sonomamada to zonbi ni natte shimau zo (そのままだとゾンビになってしまうぞ?)
  21. Shikai ga boyakete kita yo dōsureba i~i no o~o! ? (視界がぼやけてきたよどうすればイィのオォ!??)
  22. Are? Kikanai teokure ka… (あれ?効かない手遅れか…?)
  23. Shikata arumai (仕方あるまい?)
  24. Zonbi-ka shite shimatta nakama wa wareware no te de taosu shika nai! (ゾンビ化してしまった仲間は我々の手で倒すしかない!?)
  25. Shikashi daijina senryoku o ushinau no wa oshī… (しかし大事な戦力を失うのは惜しい…?)
  26. Sokode nakama no shitai no mae ni chikadzuki…” / sokode nakama no shitai no mae ni chikadzuki… akushon botan nagaoshi” de nakama o sosei suru koto ga dekiru zo! (そこで仲間の死体の前に近づき…” / そこで仲間の死体の前に近づき…アクションボタン長押し”で仲間を蘇生することができるぞ!?)
  27. A~a! Tasukatta! (あぁ!助かった!?)
  28. Sabaibarushūtā wa chīmuwāku mo jūyōssu ne! (サバイバルシューターはチームワークも重要っすね!?)