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The village

Concept art of the village

"The village" is an unnamed community located in a small, isolated rural area of Spain near a small lake not far away from a vast castle owned by the Salazar family. Road signs do not give it a name, simply directing people to the village center.[note 1]

While initially unnamed, many players refer to the village as "Pueblo", due to the signs leading to the village, though since pueblo is the Spanish word for village, the community remains unnamed.


As part of the region's tradition, the village enjoyed a more traditional lifestyle with limited technology, giving the appearance of it being two centuries behind the rest of the world.[1][2]



The western Footpath to the village begins just after a river crossing against don Jose's isolated premises. It goes downwards into a small valleyside where another river runs through on a dissimilar path. There are two sheds along this route, one of which was where a local villager was killed and left hanging inside. This area was booby-trapped with tripmines and bear traps.

Village center


The village features homesteads, a Farm compound, a Church with a cemetery, and a tall bell tower within the community itself. There appear to be several fortified Ganados encampments located near the village while an underground bunker complex has also been occupied and used to store weapons and equipment. Most villagers live in the village, although a few villagers tend to live further away from the main, central area of town. For example, The first house in the game seems to be closer to the border of the village, requiring him to take a path to the village and the outlying areas. An unseen villager also lives in a house next to the lake, when Leon kills Del Lago he passes out in this persons house. There is also an abandoned cabin across the bridge near the farm where Leon, Ashley Graham and Luis Sera take refuge in during a villager mob attack.

Old village

This path is beyond the farm, where a long curved hill leads downward to a tunnel with a bridge above (the bridge for the Northern path). On the other side lies a yard with tipmines and bear traps, and a lot of trees. The yard contains a run-down shed, a small house with a tightly nailed door and finally a large house, riddled with tripmines and at the end of the house is a room with a few cabinets and a closet where Luis Sera is being held captive prior to Leon's arrival.


The southern path leading away from the village leads to the homestead of Bitores Mendez, the village chief. An exit leading out of his bedroom in the rear leads to an underground corridor at the bottom of a well. The corridor eventually opens out in another valley, which was being used as a prisoner compound for Leon and Luis.


This easterly path is taken by traversing an underground passage from a small building in the village centre. It surfaces in the Church cemetery, where a short walk uphill and past the church goes much further. A walkway against a cliffhedge overlooking a large lake leads travellers easterly towards a flat, rocky plain with high wooden fencing blocking off the drop down the cliff. A mine against the upper-cliff was used for hiding away an "El Gigante" until its release was ordered. After this area is a shallow marshland with a raised, wooden walkway going down the rest of the area. After this is the shoreline of a smaller lake that feeds the larger lake below. Going south via the lake and down a cliffedge, a complicated machine for changing the distribution of the river water can be used to reveal an underground passage through the cliffs. This passage leads to another, underground lake where a boat can be taken back to where El Gigante is released.

Towards the castle

This path is north of the farm and where a bridge leads across to a cabin (as mentioned above). Followed by two routes, one is a compound where two towers are seen and it features an arena where Leon runs into the Chainsaw Sisters. Beyond that door is a compound with a basement in which a path is caved in, ahead lies the two towers and a pair of red double doors at the end. The other route, is a lengthy path leading to a pair of green double doors. An El Gigante is seen there in the game. Afterwards, there is a porch near the latter of the two routes and a shed. Beyond there lies the gate leading from the village to the Castle. To open it, one needs to use a False Eye possessed by the village chief. North of there is a lift that leads to a tunnel which at the end of it is a Yellow Catseye, a control room for the lift is also present next to the lift. Down the stairs leads to a gate, beyond it is a warehouse that possesses several supplies and it is the stage to fight the Village chief.

Further notes

  • Far more villagers appear in the game than the village and its surrounding areas can realistically hold, usually upwards of 300-350 enemies. The size of the village shown (including the outer areas) suggests it supports a population of around 50 at best. The larger number of villagers is purely for gameplay purposes.
  • The village also still uses Pesetas despite the fact that most places in Spain had swapped to the Euro by 2002, adding to the archaic feel and also a potential reason as to why the Village looks older than the rest of Spain at the time.



  1. The road sign examination in the original script declares "Village Center" ahead (この先"村 中央" Kono-saki"-mura Chūō"?). This was localized in the English version as ""The guidepost reads 'Pueblo'.""
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