• Been struggling with Code Veronica X on PS2 as Chris. I've been on a bunch of sites that tell me I need the clement mixture for the indigo plate. But I've been all over the place trying to find both chemicals. I know one of them is in the room where you modify a weapon that I don't have. And Chris won't pick it up off of the shelf. And I believe I found a fridge with chemicals in it and it says it's locked. Can't find a key anywhere. Please help.

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    • You'll need Clement Σ and Clement α. α can be found at the supply shed on B1 (this would be the room you described as having weapon parts in) while Σ is at the virus storage vault on B1 (it's at the other side of the cargo elevator, where you see Bandersnatches) - both are in the Military Training Center.

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    • Chris doesn't want to pick up the one at the supply shed. It is the one to left of the table with the weapon parts? And how do I access the virus storage vault? If it's the one I'm thinking, it says it's locked and I can't find a key anywhere.

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    • The vault is the area that Claire can explore only a small section of due to a protective door (it looks like a closet due to its size). You'll need the Chem.Storage Key to open up that door. You can get that key from the garage (where you encountered Steve's dad); it'll be on the broken walkway on level 2F.

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