• Riley Heligo
    Riley Heligo closed this thread because:
    20:52, March 12, 2015

    I downloaded the DLC but there's nothing there

    How do I use it?

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    • If you downloaded the free DLC for Ooze Rachael, then that's why...also don't make another thread asking why you can't get Lady HUNK.

      The free DLC's about Ooze Rachael and Lady HUNK are to support players who don't have the DLC characters when playing online.

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    • Riley's right.

      Some players are unable to connect to others in Raid Mode simply because their data doesn't match. If someone were to download Lady Hunk, Ooze Rachael or the weapon upgrades and then try to play with someone else who hasn't bought the same stuff - the connection fails.

      By buying the free (this is stock data) DLC instead of paying for it, you're only making it so you're able to play with people who actually bought the DLC.

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    • Rachel have male mutation. she trans!

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