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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)

Todd was created by the Umbrella Corporation as a clone of Carlos Olivera for the purposes of testing the T-virus and working for the company in the effort to recapture Alice.[1] Neither Todd nor his "evil version" retained any memories of their father.


The suburban clone of Carlos, known as "Todd" was married to "suburban Alice" and was the caring father of Becky. He first appeared rushing to get ready for work and urged his wife to get out of bed so the two of them could take Becky to school. During breakfast, he stained his shirt and left to change it, being attacked by a Las Plagas Undead. He struggled in vain against the Undead, telling Alice to get Becky to safety before being overpowered.

When Alice left their daughter in the closet of another house they took refuge in, she used herself a bait to lure the Undead away from her daughter. Though she successfully defeated the creature, she was taken from behind by her husband, who had become one of the Las Plagas Undead.


In the Shirley novelization Todd is granted an extra appearance towards the end of the story, having escaped the cleansing of the Suburbia test zone only to be killed by the flood.


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