Nightmare card - Toe to Toe AC-036

Toe to Toe is an Action Card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game, specifically expansion set #3: Nightmare. The player who plays it gets to draw one card for every 5 cards in their inventory. It also grants the player an additional action and a gold cost of 70 to purchase. The image shown on the card is taken directly from the knife-fight sequence between Leon and Krauser in Resident Evil 4.


  • Unsurprisingly, the card is very useful in the hands of Jack Krauser; specifically the second Krauser card from Alliance (based on his appearance from Darkside Chronicles). Krauser's Level 2 Ability states that he deals +5 Damage for every card in his hand. Keeping with Nightmare's emphasis on larger inventories, this card can allow Krauser to take on larger enemies despite being handicapped by his Level 1 ability (which states he can only use one weapon at any given time). Using this card alongside the Riot Shotgun guarantees killing Infected enemies with over 50 Health.
  • Though not always necessary, this card comes in handy the player is using Billy Coen. Billy's most effective weapon is the flamethrower, which thrives on the player having a larger discard pile. Drawing a lot of cards through the use of this Action is helpful enough, but upon discarding all of them, the flamethrower is given a huge boost in power (even more so with the Action Lone Wolf). Since Billy can use his Level 2 effect to retrieve any card from his discard pile, this also prevents the player from losing any Flamethrowers they acquire.
  • The first Claire Redfield card can also use this card to her advantage if both of her effects are in activated (giving +10 ammo and Gold to every ammunition card). The only problem is that large amounts of Gold are meaningless unless the player has multiple Buys.
  • A similar strategy is at work for any character that is lucky enough to be using the Gatling Gun. Claire especially can work wonders with this combination under the right conditions.