"Together for the Escape" (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This cutscene plays when Jill first time enters the Tram (Front Carriage).


Carlos: "So, Jill, did you decide to help us out?"
"It looks like we're the only ones who survived."
"We should work together."

Nikolai: "No. We can't trust her."

Carlos: "Why? But Sergeant, we need her help."
"Our unit's down to you, me and Lieutenant Mikhail - that's it. And Mikhail's hurt bad."
"If we don't cooperate we won't be walking away from this mission."

Nikolai: "Fine. Then let's go over our plan."
"We're moving to the clock tower area, which is the designated landing zone for the extraction chopper."
"Once we get there and give the signal, the chopper will fly in and pull us out."

Carlos: "That's a lotta ground to cover. I-I don't think we can make it on foot."

Nikolai: "The main problem we have is that the landing zone is cut off from here by the fire."
"So we have no choice but to use this cable car to navigate through it."
"Fortunately we can also use it as a moving shield to get us through the worst areas."

Carlos: "That works for me. Good plan, Sir."

Nikolai: "OK people, let's get moving."

Carlos: "Jill, put this on."

Carlos: "合流する気になったか"

Nikolai: "この女は危険だぞ…"

Carlos: "ニコライ軍曹  ジルは使えるぜ"
"部隊は俺と軍曹  あとは死にかけのミハイル隊長しかいねぇ"

Nikolai: "…作戦の確認をする"

Carlos: "のんびり步いていけるルートじゃねぇよな"

Nikolai: "一番の問題点は火災地帯がエリアを隔てていることだ"

Carlos: "そいつぁいい!"

Nikolai: "…よし  各自とりかかれ"

Carlos: "おっとジル  コイツを着けておきな"